Burst and Leaking Pipe RepairA burst pipe is among some of those very few things that can cause destruction to your asset. That’s why at Pro Spec Plumbing and Drainage PTY LTD, we’ve been providing quality services in repairing burst and leaking pipes for decades. We’ve seen crazy instances where ceilings have collapsed, carpets and floorboards have been torn, electric appliances and furniture has been damaged etc.

Here are some of the common signs of a burst, or leaking pipe:

  • Dampness or discoloration of carpet (especially in areas near bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens)
  • Discoloration, or strange marks appearing on ceilings.
  • Damp and musty smells
  • Signs of water anywhere (including light fittings in ceilings).
  • Flakey or scaly paint
  • Poor water pressure
  • Hissing sounds behind walls

Most burst pipe happens in an instant, In such case call Pro Spec Plumbing and Drainage at 0421-468-422, 0413-060-737 IMMEDIATELY to get proper guidance on phone and a plumbing professional to attend you ASAP! We’re a 24/7 service provider, which means that no matter day or night, your plumbing and draining issue is our priority.

We have skilled and practiced experts in leak detection and we know the importance of attending burst pipes and water leaks as early as possible. You can rest assured that if you have an issue, you’ll be getting our FULL attention.